Pollster: China ties hurting Ossoff’s chances in Georgia Senate runoff

According to the Washington Times, recent reports highlighting Democratic politicians’ ties to China are hurting Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff. 

On January 5th, Ossoff will be facing off against Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) in the all-important runoff race that will determine which party controls the Senate. The Trafalgar Group, one of the most accurate pollsters out there, has Ossoff trailing in the polls, 50.2 percent to 47.5 percent, after having been in the lead earlier in the month.

Robert Cahaly, Trafalgar’s top pollster, believes that Ossoff’s dropoff in the polls is a direct result of Republicans making a big deal about Ossoff’s connections to communist China.

“The voters are telling us that the movement is about the China thing,” Cahaly said. “I think the attacks on Ossoff about his connections to China are working for Perdue.”

Ossoff’s “China problem”

It started in September with the National Review reporting on a revision that Ossoff made in July to his May 15 financial-disclosure. With the revision, Ossoff revealed that his company received funding from PCCW Media Limited, a Hong Kong company in which communist China is an 18.4 percent shareholder.

A few months later, in early December, Georgia’s GOP filed an ethics complaint accusing Ossoff of “knowingly failing to disclose” the funds from China. Republicans have argued that he did so in order to hide his connection to China from voters until after the June 9th primary.

Ossoff’s campaign dismissed the complaint as a “laughable smear campaign.” It has claimed that revision was just to fix a “paperwork oversight.” It has also argued that PCCW is not synonymous with communist China and that the funding was simply from royalties for his company having aired documentaries.

Nonetheless, Republicans have run attack ads against Ossoff, and, according to the Trafalgar Group, they have proven effective.

The Democratic party’s China problem

The Washington Times reports that one of the reasons why Ossoff’s China problem has been such a big deal is because of the Democratic party’s overall China problem.

In recent months, we have learned that Democrat Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has business ties to the communist country and that the elder Biden may have been involved. We also have learned that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was reportedly compromised by a Chinese spy named Christine Fang. Both of these incidents have raised concern among voters about China’s influence on Democratic politicians.

The Washington Times reports: “Mr. Biden, the president-elect’s son, and California Democratic Rep. Swalwell have kept stories about Beijing’s influence in the news, lending oxygen to Republicans hammering Mr. Ossoff’s link to a Hong Kong conglomerate owned in part by the Chinese communist government.”

If Ossoff does go on to lose to Perdue, he may end up having his own party to blame.

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