Report charges Hunter Biden has links to Chinese slave-labor industry

March 6, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A report from Steve Bannon's War Room reveals a Chinese energy company is developing technology to improve cotton harvesting in Xingjiang, where the Chinese Communist Party relies on forced labor.

And the report says the company is linked financially to Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden's son long has been connected to various Chinese financial schemes, ever since he traveled with his father on Air Force Two back in the day and came home from China with a huge financial scheme assembled.

There even has been evidence that among the financial plans with Chinese interests was one that set aside 10% for the "big guy," identified by one of the business partners as Joe Biden.

The report says the invention is a thin film to cover cotton fields and was created by the Biden-linked Chinese state-owned Sinopec. It cited documentation from Global Times, which said the product is to help achieve a better cotton harvest.

The report said, "Having only one quarter the thickness of hair, a thin but resilient film is used to cover the cotton field to protect the plant from unfavorable climate conditions and weeds. Demand for high-performance films is high in Xinjiang, a region abundant in light and heat but lacking in precipitation," it said.

A company spokesman noted "thinness is crucial for ensuring that plants can grow unaffected by the film," in a statement on the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

The nation's bureau of statistics said in 2022, cotton output in Xinjiang exceeded 5.39 million tons, up 262,000 tons from a year earlier.

War Room reported, "The development comes amidst controversy over the use of forced labor in Xinjiang’s cotton fields, prompting many Western clothing brands to halt their use of cotton from the region. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBO) also banned American companies from importing cotton from Xinjiang based on information that 'reasonably indicates' the use of forced labor within China’s so-called 're-education' camps."

The report cited indications, from government statements and media reports, that hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs are forced to pick cotton by hand under a plan that resembles slavery.

"Sinopec’s involvement in this global human rights abuse comes amidst the president’s son retaining financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party-linked company," War Room said. "Sinopec Capital is the clean energy investment arm of the Sinopec Group, a Chinese Communist Party-run oil and gas enterprise whose 'fully-owned subsidiary' Sinopec Marketing Company enjoyed nearly $1 billion in investment from Hunter Biden’s private equity firm BHR Partners."

Hunter Biden reportedly still owns a 10% stake in BHR Partners, which highlights online its participation in the Sinopec work.

A separate Breitbart report suggested the BHR Partners also now gotten involved in helping the Russian military.

"BHR Partners investment firm, where Hunter Biden was a board member and 10% stakeholder, worked with AVIC Automotive, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), to purchase the Michigan-based Henniges Automotive in September 2015," the report said, citing the Washington Examiner.

"As the Wall Street Journal reported on February 4, AVIC’s subsidiary, AVIC International Holding Corporation, in October shipped $1.2 million worth of parts for Russian Su035 jet fighters to sanctioned Russian defense giant Rostec’s subsidiary Kret."

The report continued, "The Biden administration in recent weeks has warned that China is contemplating military aid to Ukraine, making Hunter Biden’s connection to a Chinese military company providing assistance to Russia a potential political headache for the administration."

However, the report added that Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, "told the New York Times in November 2021 that Biden 'no longer holds any interest, directly or indirectly, in either BHR or Skaneateles.' Skaneateles is an LLC owned by Hunter Biden that held his 10% ownership stake in BHR."

It is Chinese business records that show Skaneateles still holds 10% of BHR Partners.

At, a report bluntly said Joe Biden's son "has been investing in a Chinese company that supplies slave labor camps."

It charged, "Now it isn’t just about whether Hunter’s business dealings have an 'appropriate distance' from the government. A Chinese company is involved in the kind of slavery we fought the largest war in our history to stamp out, and the president’s son is knee-deep in it."

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