Report: Biden’s plan on guns could put firearms manufacturers, distributors out of business

Gun owners have long known that Joe Biden would be a disaster for Americans’ Second Amendment rights — but a new report from the Daily Caller suggests it could be worse than we thought.

That’s because Biden’s “Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic” would look to get rid of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

“Put out of business”

The measure protects firearm manufacturers and distributors from lawsuits that seek to hold them financially liable for damage or injury caused by the misuse of their products.

As Erich Pratt, the senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, told the Daily Caller, Biden’s plan “means that gun manufacturers could ultimately be put out of business through frivolous lawsuits.”

Pratt explained: “Imagine holding Ford or GM responsible for the damage caused by hit-and-run drivers.

“We wouldn’t tolerate that,” he told the Daily Caller, “and yet that’s exactly the type of legal theory they’re trying to put on gun manufacturers.”

Gutting the Second Amendment

Previously, it appeared as though Biden would only pursue the kind of gun control measures that would directly target the Second Amendment, including taxing certain classes of firearms and implementing a mandatory buyback program. But here, Biden would be taking a more indirect approach.

Pratt told the Daily Caller: “The idea of the left would be, ‘Oh sure you can have a Second Amendment right, too bad you just can’t find any guns that are being produced and manufactured.'”

And as the number of guns being produced drops, the prices of weapons currently in circulation will skyrocket, making it even harder for Americans to acquire new firearms.

It’s a point that was made by Kevin Jamison, a Missouri self-defense lawyer and firearms trainer who also spoke with the Daily Caller. “If they destroy enough companies or force them to adopt their rules of procedure then there will be no place to buy guns and that’s what they’re looking for,” he said. “They want to make it as expensive to own a gun as humanly possible — and as difficult. If they get even part of their wish list, they won.”

Biden’s plan would also hurt small businesses, like local gun stores, Pratt argued.

“It’s a disaster,” he said plainly, according to the Daily Caller. “It has been very bad the last few years, yes, but it’s going to be the death of mom and pop and gun shops — individually-owned gun shops — and some of these companies.”

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