Report: Biden withholding from Israel key information about terrorists

 May 14, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden, after terrorists from Hamas invaded Israel on Oct. 7 and butchered some 1,200 civilians, initially appeared to support Israel's fight against that horrific violence.

However, he's aware that strong leftist enclaves around the country could threaten his re-election for those comments, and he's been shifting his position since.

For example, he's ordered congressionally approved munitions scheduled for delivery to Israel in its fight against terror to be delayed unless and until the Middle East democracy adopts its own strategy for its fight.

That actually has prompted further impeachment investigation work in Congress, for his obvious "quid pro quo" demands of an American ally.

Besides the munitions threat, a new report now charges that Biden has been withholding strategic and critical information about the terrorists attacking Israel from inside Israel.

That's known because he's now offering to share that information if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu follows Biden's instructions and calls off a planned campaign to rid Rafah of terrorists.

It is the Washington Post that reported, "The Biden administration, working urgently to stave off a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah, is offering Israel valuable assistance in an effort to persuade it to hold back, including sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders and find the group’s hidden tunnels, according to four people familiar with the U.S. offers."

report by the American Center for Law and Justice pointed out the obvious: "So not only did the Biden administration have intel on where certain Hamas leaders were hiding, but even more despicably, the Biden administration used this information as a bribery tool against Israel."

It continued, "President Biden wants Israel to avoid going into Rafah at all costs – so much so that his administration offered to give Israel intelligence on Hamas leaders if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would call off the operation. Biden’s deliberate withholding of war intel just fully exposed his anti-Israel agenda."

The report noted Israel has been defending itself for seven months following Hamas' terrorism against civilians, which included whole families burned alive and babies butchered.

"The war could have ended much sooner if the Biden administration had rightfully shared the location of Hamas leaders in Gaza. Don’t forget that Biden also just halted a weapon shipment to Israel over its upcoming invasion of Rafah," the ACLJ reported.

It charged, "The White House is actively undermining America’s greatest ally. And how long has it had this valuable intel that could have ended Israel’s war against Hamas?"

Ric Grenell, the organization's senior adviser for foreign policy, explained: "It makes me very angry to see how, once again, the Democrats are playing politics with intelligence. We can’t do that – we’ve got to remove the politics from intelligence. But here’s a situation where they literally are holding back information, possibly crucial information.

"I’ve spoken to several intel officials who are currently employed in the federal government intelligence system. I spoke to them this morning, and one individual says that it’s so bad that everybody is talking about it and complaining that it ruins the credibility of the intelligence agencies when we’re trying to hold back intelligence or manipulate it in some way."

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