Report: Biden has initiated 'over 200 actions deliberately designed to make it harder to produce energy here in America'

 April 17, 2024

The Institute for Energy Research found that President Joe Biden has acted against the fossil fuel industry over 200 times in his presidency, JustTheNews reported. His attacks on domestic production of gas and oil come at a time when energy prices are on the rise. 

"President Biden and Democrats have a plan for American energy: make it harder to produce and more expensive to purchase," the analysis for the report began. "Since Mr. Biden took office, his administration and its allies have taken over 200 actions deliberately designed to make it harder to produce energy here in America."

Biden's agenda has cut off domestic energy at the knees while prices soar. Many believe that he has put radical environmentalism ahead of the American people.

The president has also jeopardized the safety of the American people by making the nation dependent on foreign nations, many of which have an adversarial relationship with the U.S. Biden has implemented some of the worst policies that have devastating effects.

Chipping Away

Biden has been chipping away at domestic energy production in a very deliberate way. One of his first acts as president was to nix the KeystoneXL Pipeline project.

From there, he imposed a moratorium on leasing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for natural gas and oil drilling. Biden similarly revoked other leases on public lands and certain off-shore operations.

The president also rolled back former President Donald Trump's initiatives that made it easier for companies to drill by cutting red tape. Then, when prices increased, Biden blamed the natural gas and oil companies despite his role in it.

Just before the midterm elections, Biden proposed taxing the companies to death to punish them for these increases that came from him turning the screws on the industry. Last month, the administration proposed another tax hike of over $110 billion on coal and natural gas.

Republicans have pushed back against Biden's assault on the fossil fuel industry. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) led the way as he and 24 senators brought to light their "grave concern" about Biden's "continued hostility towards American energy production" but it might come too late.

A Matter of National Security

Biden's war on certain sectors of the energy industry is more than just economic. By attacking domestic energy production, the president continues to create a situation where the U.S. is increasingly dependent on foreign nations.

The president has decided against restocking the Strategic Petroleum Reserve with inventory from the U.S. at a time when it's depleted. This impacts wartime readiness but also sends a clear signal that he prioritizes "the green agenda ahead of our families and our national security," Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future, said.

Moreover, this is happening following Iran's attack on Israel and when "the world and our allies need a strong America that is fully utilizing our energy strength. Instead, the only things Joe Biden wants to strengthen is Iranian oil and Washington’s tax revenue," Turner said.

Meanwhile, American companies pay higher prices than Iranian oil companies, whose exports reached $35 billion over the last 12-month period. Had it not been for this imbalance, Iran would have actually ended in a $16.8 billion trade deficit.

Biden has initiated a war on domestic gas and oil production that has decimated the stateside industry. What's most troubling is that even as Americans suffer, Biden shows no signs of stopping there.

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