Report: Biden dodges hecklers on trip to Connecticut

It was a difficult Friday in Connecticut for President Joe Biden.

Fox News reports that Biden spent his time in the Constitution State trying to hide from hecklers, who seemed to pop up around every corner.

A not-so-warm welcome

The heckling began as soon as Biden arrived in Hartford, Connecticut, on Friday.

Reports indicate that among those who greeted Biden at the airport were demonstrators waving pro-Trump flags. According to Fox, some could be heard shouting, “Trump won” and “F*** Biden,” a chant that has gained a lot of traction nationwide recently.

The heckling continued during a stop Biden made at a child care center. There, Biden received a warm welcome from staff and children, but it was quickly overshadowed by the protesting.

Reports indicated that protestors could be heard calling the president a “traitor” and shouting, “F*** Joe Biden.”

Others yelled, “He’s not our president,” and, “Ban Title 42,” referring to a health code policy that allows the Biden administration to deport illegal aliens.

The heckling continued when Biden made a trip over to the University of Connecticut. There, he was met by protestors from both the right and the left, some of whom reportedly carried signs reading: “Cuba Sends Doctors Biden Sends Bombs” and “Don’t Come to My School Unless It’s to Cancel My Debt.”

“Now that I’m president”

As is apparent, things didn’t quite go as planned for Biden in Connecticut. The strategic purpose of the trip — if there was one — was ostensibly to push his leftist agenda. But Connecticut, a Democratic stronghold, is not the place where Biden needs to be rallying support.

At the child care center, Biden talked about his $3.5 trillion spending proposal, admitting that it is unlikely to pass through Congress, at least in its original form. And at the University of Connecticut, he spoke at an event that was held in honor of Chris Dodd, a former Democratic senator.

We did learn a few things from Biden’s trip, however. The first, according to the president himself: “I like kids better than people.”

The other, again in Biden’s own words: “I make big money now that I’m president.”

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