Report: Biden continues to ignore the southern border crisis

Apparently, the southern border crisis that America has been witnessing is still not high on President Joe Biden’s list of priorities.

Breitbart News reports that Biden continues to ignore the border crisis, which he helped to create, despite the fact that no real progress has been made toward resolving it. 

The ongoing situation at the border

Illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border has been out of control ever since the world learned that open-border advocate Biden was going to be taking over for former President Donald Trump. Things only got worse when Biden entered the White House and proceeded to undo Trump’s immigration policies.

A recent report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has found that nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed into America, via the southern border, since Biden became president.

This includes several months in which the U.S. Border Patrol saw upwards of 200,000 crossings. Last month, saw 199,976 crossings. These numbers are astronomically larger than the numbers witnessed under Trump’s leadership.

The problems for America that come along with these illegal crossings are many, including a proliferation of drugs and crime.

Yet, the Biden administration just refuses to address the problem – it refuses to even go near it.

Missing in action

Early on in his presidency, Biden was under a lot of pressure from Republicans to at least visit the southern border. In March of 2021, after much poking and prodding, Biden finally said, “at some point, I will.”

Yet, to this day, Biden never has visited the southern border.

Currently, as the southern border crisis rages on, Biden is on a lengthy, leisurely vacation in Delaware. Reports indicate that Biden, thus far, has spent 150 days away from the White House at his Delaware home, and this doesn’t even count trips that he has taken to Kiawah Island or Nantucket Island. This is significantly more away days than his recent predecessors.

Despite all the problems that America is facing, there are no signs that the president is rushing to return from this vacation.

All things considered, it really does appear as though Biden is just fine with allowing the various crises that America is facing to continue.

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