Computer repairman at center of Hunter Biden laptop story alleges he was threatened by FBI to remain quiet

John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman in whose Delaware shop Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop full of incriminating data in 2019, initially turned that device over to the FBI before later sharing it with media organizations and politicians.

Now Isaac has revealed that one of the FBI agents who received Biden’s laptop also delivered a “chilling” warning against speaking out publicly about what was on the device, Fox News reported.

Agent’s remark was “kind of chilling”

Isaac appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with host Bill Hemmer to discuss that alleged incident and other things included in his new book, “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth.”

At one point in the interview, Isaac recalled how he was “excited” and “overjoyed” when a pair of FBI agents arrived at his shop to serve him with a subpoena to take possession of the laptop that had previously been abandoned by Hunter Biden.

“And in the excitement, when the agents were leaving after they confiscated all of Hunter’s belongings, I made a comment to ‘Agent Mike,’ I said, ‘Don’t worry, lads, when I write the book I’ll change your names,'” Isaac recounted.

“And that is when ‘Mike’ turned around and told me that in their experience, nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things,” he continued. “Which was kind of chilling, but out of respect I did change Agent Mike’s name in the book.”

Isaac also shared with Hemmer about the “retribution” he has faced since coming out publicly about the Biden laptop, and said, “I have been dealing with retaliation from multiple fronts for the past two years when what I did was leaked to the country. I’m expecting it, and I’m going to expect it to continue.”

A “direct threat”

The New York Post, which had been the first and virtually only major news outlet to initially report on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in October 2020, received an early peek at Isaac’s book and reported in August on the alleged threat uttered against the computer repairman by the FBI agent.

The book similarly recounted how Isaac had told the exiting agents, “Hey, lads, I’ll remember to change your names when I write the book,” and how one of the agents had said, “It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things.”

After he was left to “digest the encounter,” Isaac wrote of what had happened: “Was I being paranoid, or had what the agent just told me been a direct threat, or at best a thinly veiled one?”

As for the actual retribution he has faced, the Post article in August noted that Isaac was forced to close his shop and move after his personal information was leaked, and he has had to filed defamation lawsuits against certain Democratic politicians and media outlets that have falsely accused him of being a hacker and “peddling Russian disinformation” about the Biden family.

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