Florida Rep. Ted Yoho to retire in 2020: Report

The Republican Party now has 18 House seats that will be vacated in 2020 due to retirements.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) has announced that he is quitting the House once his term ends in 2020, according to Breitbart. This rash of impending retirements has sent a shockwave through Trump’s White House.

Integrity counts

When Yoho ran for office, he did so as an advocate of term limits. During his campaign, he promised that if he was elected, he was going to stay in office for no more than four terms or eight years.

Yoho is now at the end of those eight years, so he is going to keep his word and retire from Congress. After he announced his retirement, more than a few people — according to Yoho — asked him to reconsider.

Their argument was that his district has changed considerably and it was not those individuals that he made that promise to.

To that, Yoho responded: “I truly believe a person’s word is their bond and should live up to their word. I also meant that after eight years I will come home and pass the baton onto a new generation. Now, I am doing that.”

Yoho sat on the House Agriculture Committee, Republican Study Committee, House Freedom Caucus and was a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Filling these seats

With there now being 18 seats to fill, the media is portraying the Republican Party as being in trouble.

That, however, is not the case. Several of these seats were due for retirement and most of these seats are in traditionally red districts.

For those retiring because they do not like Trump or cannot support his agenda, we say good riddance. The retirement of longtime representatives opens up room for young, energetic conservatives to fill the seats.

For conservatives supporting Donald Trump, it is far better for someone else to run for office that will help Trump, not obstruct him as several sitting members in Congress have done.

While Yoho will be missed, we are very confident another strong conservative will step up to help this president continue to make America great again.

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