Rep. Walorski warns parents of Biden’s hidden ‘Toddler Tax’ in new spending bill

As any parent who isn’t a multi-millionaire will tell you, childcare costs in America are one of the primary financial concerns of any household with young children. It’s truly a struggle for millions of parents.

According to the Washington Examiner, President Joe Biden and his administration have relentlessly insisted that his Build Back Better social spending bill will improve access to childcare in America, however, the fine print tells an entirely different story and when fully understood, it’s clear that childcare costs, should the bill pass, will likely soon skyrocket. 

The Examiner noted that the bill contains a “Toddler Tax” that not only further removes parental control over their childcare choices, but imposes new regulations, taxes, and wage requirements that will undoubtedly throw the childcare industry into total chaos.

Parents will be forced to shoulder the burden of that chaos, and Democrats don’t seem to care as long as they continue to slide their power-hungry tentacles into yet another aspect of your children’s lives.

What will happen?

In an op-ed for the Examiner written by Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), she points out that Democrats use words like higher “quality” childcare opportunities when in reality, the hidden taxes and regulations will undoubtedly make things much worse.

“Under the guise of ‘quality,’ they created new mandates for wages and qualification requirements that will undermine existing providers that families count on every day,” Walorski wrote.

She went on to point out that a recent People’s Policy Project estimate concluded that under Biden’s new plan, childcare costs could jump some $13,000 “for unsubsidized middle-class families.”

In addition, the smaller, independent childcare operations, which many times are the best option in a given area, will be forced out of the market altogether, as the regulations, wage hikes, and taxes will price them out of the market completely.

No faith-based options?

Perhaps the most sickening aspect, as Walorski noted, is the fact that parents will ultimately lose the choice to place their children in faith-based childcare options.

“This proposal changes long-standing federal policy allowing parents to choose the child care provider that best meets their needs through vouchers, including faith-based providers,” Walorksi wrote.

She added that according to a recent poll, over half — 53% — of parents choose operations that are affiliated with religious organizations. Under Biden’s plan, that all goes away. The Indiana Republican pointed out that parents across the nation, who are now paying attention and affecting elections over school issues, will undoubtedly be further motivated to take back control of their children’s education come the next election.

“If you think parents are paying attention now, just wait to see what happens when they find out their only option for day care is a Washington-approved provider,” Walorski concluded.

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