GOP Rep. McHenry slams Waters over handling of recent House committee meeting

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) holds the gavel on the House Financial Services Committee, but her tight grip of control on the committee may be collapsing for her, as many begin to question leadership abilities.

Among those that are unhappy is Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) who recently stated that it is a “travesty” in how she conducts herself during these meetings.

Don’t Cut Me Off

The dust-up between McHenry and Waters happened during a meeting this week with bank regulators. Waters ended the session without warning, with several panel members still not having asked their questions, including at least one Democrat.

McHenry was furious this happened and voiced his displeasure during the hearing.

Waters responded, “If a mistake was made and you were not notified, we will deal with that later.” To which McHenry shot back, “This is a travesty the way you’ve handled this.”

Problems, Problems, and More Problems

The odd thing about how this unfolded is Waters was trying to oblige a timetable set with the banking regulators. It is odd in that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was not afforded the same courtesy by Waters when he was recently called to testify before the committee.

Mnuchin had an appointment with some foreign government officials the day of his hearing and Waters was fully aware of it. However, she continued to allow Mnuchin to be drilled by her fellow Democrats rather than release him during the time he allotted for the hearing.

Not only that, she tried to embarrass him for needing to leave because of his appointment. Waters is setting a dangerous precedent of only following the rules when it benefits her and her party.

McHenry went on to state he was actually surprised this happened because up until now, he has had “a good working relationship” with Waters.

Waters dismissed the entire thing as no big deal. She stated, “None of us have time for squabbling. The issues we are dealing with are much too important to be diverted into distraction and finger-pointing.

The outrage by McHenry comes on the tail of a news cycle in which Waters embarrasses herself while questioning banking officials about student loans when the government, in fact, controls them now.

She has proven to be a partisan embarrassment for the Democrat party and for the entire country. Hopefully, the voters of California realize that and send her packing during the next election.

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