Rep. Bush to Rep. Scalise: 'your bills are racist'

July 28, 2023
Robert Ayers

U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) just accused her Republican counterparts in the U.S. House of Representatives of passing "racist" bills, The Hill reports

It is certainly not unusual, today, to hear a Democrat refer to someone or something as "racist." In the case of Bush, a member of the so-called squad, it is even less unexpected.

Bush, in this particular instance, made the accusation on the floor of the House.

She, in fact, yelled it at U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the House Majority Leader.

See and hear it for yourself

The Twitter account "The Recount" posted a 37-second clip of the incident. Take a look and listen:

The above video begins with Scalise, ahead of the upcoming August recess, speaking on the House floor. In his speech, he condemned House Democrats for voting against an appropriations measure that he vowed to pass.

Scalise, just before the video clip, said:

We could stay here and watch you vote against every single other appropriations bill. We're going to continue negotiations during the August recess to make sure we get back to funding the priorities of the nation.

As Scalise was saying this, Bush interrupts him with a noisy outburst, clamorously shouting, "Your bills are racist."


Bush's outburst was replied to with boos and calls for order. "Mr. Speaker, the House is not in order!" one member could be heard shouting.

Order was eventually restored. And, then, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) was recognized to speak. She, essentially, endorsed Bush's view.

Clark said:

Mr. Leader, we are gonna continue to stand, in this country for some basic principles that we are sent here for the American people, that we are sent here to defend their freedom, that we are sent here to grow an economy that isn’t just for the wealthy and well-connected, but is for the American family. That’s the work we’re doing, that is the basis of the great economic news coming, and we are going to continue that fight. We hope that you will say no to extremism, to hatred, to bigotry that is put into these appropriation bills, and say yes to solutions and fairness for the American people and to build an economy where they can see themselves.

Bush, for her part, was heard saying, "I said what I said."

What else would you expect from the Democrats - the party of chaos and disorder?

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