Rep. Boebert wants everyone in White House tested for illegal drugs

July 9, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

Last week, the U.S. Secret Service confirmed that a baggie of cocaine was discovered in the White House. 

The Biden administration has worked overtime to downplay the scandal, presumably hoping to sweep it straight under the proverbial rug, but one Republican lawmaker has a plan to weed out the culprit.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was one of many high-profile Republicans who slammed the White House for its gross lack of transparency in keeping the public informed as to how illegal drugs made it into what should be the most secure building in the world.

Over the weekend, she presented a simple plan to determine who the guilty party is.

The plan

Boebert, in a Twitter post, suggested that the best way to find out who brought the cocaine in the White House -- which many believe had to be someone well-connected and not subject to intense security protocols -- would be to drug test everyone.

"So let me get this straight, the White House is refusing to say whether the cocaine culprit will be arrested? Well, I think we should drug test EVERYONE, including Joe Biden, until we know who smuggled illegal drugs into the White House," the congresswoman tweeted.

Many have suggested that Hunter Biden would likely be the odds-on favorite as far as the most likely person to not only bring cocaine into the White House, but accidentally leave it behind.

The president's son has a documented past with illegal drugs, though the White House remains tight-lipped regarding the ongoing investigation into the matter.

Many have also claimed that the American public will likely never know if it's internally discovered that Hunter Biden or someone else close to the first family is responsible.

Investigation ongoing

The Secret Service has also remained mostly silent on the matter, only providing brief statements that indicated that an investigation is taking place and the results should be released by sometime this coming week.

Former White House press secretary and Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany offered unique insight on the matter, as she's familiar with the area where the drugs were discovered. She doesn't believe the baggie could have been there for more than a few minutes, given that the Secret Service continually sweeps the area.

"For it to be Hunter Biden, he left on Friday, he was at Camp David. There’s no way, It’s inconceivable to think cocaine could sit for a 72-hour period, so I would rule him out at this point," McEnany said.

Only time will tell if the culprit is identified, but if the results of the investigation would in any way, shape, or form harm President Joe Biden's 2024 election, don't count on ever finding out.

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