Pundits, politicians float 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office

President Joe Biden held just his second major press conference since taking office on Wednesday — and it did not go particularly well for him. It was such a disaster, in fact, that now, some politicians and pundits are bringing up the potential of using the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

It’s fitting retribution and poetic justice, given the frequency with which Democrats and media pundits invoked the 25th Amendment against Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s horrible, no good, very bad presser

In an op-ed, the Conservative Brief noted that Biden’s press conference was chock-full of concerning statements on a variety of topics — most especially the brewing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but also the faltering economy, election laws, his own mental health status, and even opposition he’s faced from Republicans.

On the topic of Russia, Biden may well have even sparked a potential international incident, as he seemingly gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a green light to conduct a “minor incursion” into Ukraine and appeared to question the resolve of NATO allies in countering such aggression.

Biden also apparently had trouble telling the truth during the press conference; The Federalist documented at least 10 major instances wherein the president said something that was either seriously misleading or blatantly false.

Further, New York Post columnist John Podhoretz wrote that Biden’s presser was nothing short of “terrifying” for many Americans, who were forced to watch the president’s “internal monologue said out loud.”

“Let the 25th Amendment discussions begin”

All of that and more prompted a tweet from GOP Sen. Josh Hawley (MO) suggesting it’s time for Dems to consider removing Biden via constitutional amendment.

“Store shelves are empty, prices are soaring, real wages are declining, American cities are engulfed in violence, the border is controlled by the cartels & parents are treated as terrorists while actual terrorists go free. When do the Dems seriously consider the 25th Amendment?” Hawley tweeted, as the Conservative Brief notes.

Also writing on Twitter, Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak said this week’s “press conference marks the effective end of the Biden presidency.” He added, “Let the 25th Amendment discussions begin.”

Removing a president?

The 25th Amendment deals with presidential disability and succession. At issue here — as it was when Democrats lodged allegations against then-President Trump — is whether Biden remains capable of adequately executing the duties and powers of his office.

In the event that a president is not capable of performing the duties of the office, Section 4 of the 25th Amendment provides for the vice president and majority of the Cabinet to declare the sitting president unfit and remove them from office.

In that instance, the vice president would assume the role of president until either the former president proves they’re capable of the job, or Congress says otherwise.

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