Joy Reid posted an image depicting John McCain as a school shooter

Joy Reid thinks she can hide from her past, but we are not about to make that easy for her.

In October 2007, Reid, on her personal blog, photoshopped a picture of John McCain’s face over the body of the Virginia Tech shooter.

Reid’s Blog

Joy Reid’s personal blog has been in the news more than Stormy Daniels lately.

Her personal opinions before she became a major network personality are getting her into a ton of trouble.

Before the McCain photo was revealed, Reid was in hot water over several homophobic posts she had made.

And that is not all.

She has pretty much put her foot in her mouth about every “issue” she pretends now to be a champion of.

Not Me

Like most liberals, Reid has tried to put the blame on someone else.

After the horrific posts were rediscovered, Reid claimed her website had been hacked.

Unfortunately, at least for Reid, investigators were unable to find any signs of her website actually having been hacked.

Meghan McCain

John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, was obviously upset when the blog post was publicized.

In fact, Meghan has demanded the network take action against Reid immediately.

This all falls on the heels of Roseanne Barr having had her show canceled over her tweet.

Liberals are already making excuses for Reid, saying her posts were far less worrisome than that of Barr.

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Barr, however, came clean and admitted she made a mistake, apologized, and actually asked people NOT to defend her actions.

Reid, on the other hand, shows no remorse and all anyone has heard out of her camp are the sounds of crickets.

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