Joy Reid fantasizes about Ivanka Trump being arrested to ‘get to’ her dad

Liberals think they have finally figured out a way to get to President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid says Dems need to put the president’s kids in their crosshairs if they want to ‘get to’ the commander in chief.

Target the Children

According to Reid and her guest panel, Trump is the head of some major criminal empire.

With Trump being president and immune to indictment while in office, she believes the best way to take him down is to go after the children.

More specifically, they should be going after his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump.

One of her guests, Elie Mystal, even went so far as to allege that Ivanka is the only one of his children that he actually likes, so that is whom they should be targeting.

It was rather amazing how casually this conversation was conducted, as though they were discussing who would be making the potato salad for this weekend’s football games.

The New Narrative

The discussion between Reid and her panel revolved around emoluments violations and alleged overbilling at Trump properties during the campaign.

Reid said Ivanka was in the middle of the negotiations, making her complicit, if, in fact, overbilling was taking place.

She likened it to the movie, The Firm, wherein Tom Cruise’s character wipes out the local mob by revealing overbilling tactics by a legal firm associated with the mob.

But just like every other liberal attack on Trump and his family, liberals aren’t seeing the whole picture.

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Meanwhile, it is rather disturbing to hear how cavalier these people are when discussing how to take the president down.

Sadly, that is the political world we live in today.

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