Syrian refugee implicated in Pittsburgh church bombing plot

Remember when Donald Trump wanted to prevent refugees from the Middle East from immigrating to the U.S. until they could be better vetted?

Everything Trump did and said was just vindicated by the arrest of Mustafa Mousab Alowemer for his role in the Pittsburgh church bomb plot, but you will never hear Democrats like Nancy Pelosi even mention this because it would destroy the Democrat narrative that all refugees are harmless. 

The Plot

Alowemer reportedly migrated to the United States more than three years ago.

During that time, he reportedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS and had planned on carrying out a bombing attack against a small church in Pittsburgh.

Alowemer did some research online and made contacts with individuals he thought were going to help him carry out his deed. Luckily for residents of Pittsburgh and members of the Legacy International Worship Center, those contacts were actually FBI agents.

After a series of discussions, Alowemer eventually sent materials about making bombs to the agents, and the FBI zeroed in on him. His plan was to set the bomb off at some point in July during the early hours of the morning.

Finally, on Wednesday, authorities had enough information to charge him, so he was finally arrested.

Near Disaster

Needless to say, this could have been a horrific event that would have absolutely devastated the local community, and the nation as a whole.

Even though the attack was never carried out, however, this will surely still have a significant impact on the residents living there. Imagine knowing you had a legitimate terrorist living next door that you never suspected of anything.

Those residents will never look at people the same again — they will always wonder.

On the arrest, Assistant Attorney General John Demers stated: “Targeting places of worship is beyond the pale, no matter what the motivation. The defendant is alleged to have plotted just such an attack of a church in Pittsburgh in the name of ISIS.”

Alowemer is now facing one count of attempting to provide material support to ISIS as well as two counts of distributing bomb making information related to the planned assault.

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