Records show Biden recruiting voters likely to support Democrats

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

During the 2020 election, evidence now has revealed, that Mark Zuckerberg, a leftist billionaire, handed out $400 million plus to various foundations which then forwarded the money to local election officials who often used it to recruit voters from Democrat districts.

Assessments after the election concluded that influence operation was one factor that likely gave the victory to Joe Biden, instead of President Trump.

This year, a similar election influence operation is being run by Biden himself, charges a new report from Just the News.

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It explains that Biden’s administration has a “sprawling federal effort targeting youth, farm workers and Native Americans and those seeking food stamps and job training.”

The intent is to get “register new voters in Democrat-skewing demographic groups such as young adults and Native Americans, fueling concerns the federal government is placing a partisan thumb on the scales in the midterm elections,” the report charged.

Biden, in fact, previously had issued an executive order for his administration to work to recruit new voters.

His intent is outlined, Just the News reported, in an eight-page memo the Employment and Training Administration of Biden’s Labor Department sent to thousands of officials who provide training to workers in need of jobs.

“The memo explicitly authorizes states to use the American Job Center Network, a federally-funded job training program with more than 2,000 outlets nationwide, to facilitate voter registration among workers seeking its help, specifically targeting Native American, youth, and farm workers,” the report explained.

While federal law set up those locations to help job seekers get information about employment opportunities, education and training, they now by Biden’s order have become systems to collect and transport voter registration forms.

Labor officials say they’re authorized to do such work because the goal is to share “nonpartisan information” with potential voters, but, the report explained, “Republicans in Congress, led by Rep. Rodney Davis on the House Administration Committee, are raising concerns that the Biden executive order far exceeds the law and the efforts may be targeting vulnerable Americans in need of jobs in a way that could pressure them to register Democrat or feel beholden to the Biden administration.”

Davis previously warned Marty Davis, Biden’s hand-picked Labor secretary, “As laudable as expanding access to information about voter registration is, it is not under the purview of the more than 180 statutes that authorize DOL and its programs. … DOL has critical work to do on behalf of workers. It is inappropriate for DOL to turn its attention to issues for which it has not been statutorily directed to undertake.”

In an interview, Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., recalled Zuckerberg’s election influence operations, which disproportionately took aim at urban areas that are dominated by Democrats.

“The federal government should not be influencing elections,” Clyde told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

In the last election, nearly two-thirds of young voters chose Biden, while Native Americans “have been credited with swinging close races,” the report said.

Those are two of the groups now being targeted by Biden’s administration, using federal resources and money.

“Just the News reported Monday that another federal agency, the U.S. Agriculture Department, is focused on helping to register another vulnerable population, welfare recipients who receive food stamps,” the report said.

All of the scheming by the Biden administration, charged former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, supports the concern that Biden administration officials are “manipulating the government to partisan advantage.”

Kline runs the Amistad Project, which fights for election integrity across the nation

He explained, “You are now seeing this administration getting its agencies to focus on populations that data will show are likely to vote Democrat, which means you have government playing a role in turning out voters likely to vote Democrat.”

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