U.S. government reports record tax haul after Trump tax cuts spur economic growth

Dems are going to have a tough time campaigning on repealing Trump’s tax break now.

For the first 10 months of the 2018 fiscal year, the federal government has collected a record amount of income and corporate taxes.

More Jobs… More Taxes

When President Trump announced his tax plan, Dems balked.

They pitched the angle companies would keep the tax break and put more money in the bank.

That has obviously not happened.

Unemployment continues to decline.

As Trump promised, more people are going back to work.

That being the case, the government is collecting more money in income taxes from citizens.

In all, the Feds collected $1,415,150,000,000, up roughly $60,000,000,000 from the previous high.

Dems in Trouble

Democrats have been campaigning on the platform of repealing the tax bill Trump signed.

Doing so would more than likely cause a significant increase in unemployment numbers.

This is what they want to do to undermine the Trump administration.

They are literally trying to impede progress for the sake of making Trump look bad.

Still Work To Be Done

While we are seeing progress in the jobs market, Trump still needs the help of Congress to get the national debt under control.

The country continues to operate in the red and that will continue as long as Democrats block any type of long-term budget.

Virtually every other promise Trump made while campaigning has come true, but the debt is still lingering over his head.

The ONLY way that will change is if conservatives show up in massive numbers come November to allow Republicans to gain a dominant edge in numbers in both Congress and the Senate.

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It needs to get to a point where the President no longer needs a single Democrat vote to pass legislation.

Otherwise, Democrats will continue to be obstructionist and prevent both the president and Americans from winning.

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