‘Reckless’: GOP congressman blasts Biden’s military vaccine mandate

Among the many vaccine mandates put in place by President Joe Biden’s administration in an effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic is one that applies to all members of the U.S. military, including the state-level National Guard.

With few exemptions, the new mandate imposes a real threat of discharge for those who fail to comply — a policy that one Republican congressman is calling a “grave mistake” that could “decimate” the American military.

According to Fox News, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) penned a letter to Congress that was signed by several other GOP members of the lower chamber.

In it, they urged Biden to refrain from seeking to “punish and expel” U.S. service members who refuse to get vaccinated by the deadlines set by the policy.

“Our turn to fight for them”

According to Fox, Issa noted that the military is setting around a 90% vaccination rate. While it’s short of the 100% that Biden and his Defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, had aimed for, Issa argues that it’s still “perhaps the most successful health utilization program in our nation’s history.”

“As of today, however, tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are on the brink of being dismissed from service for disagreeing with your mandate or seeking a religious exemption,” the Republican congressman wrote in his letter to the White House.

“There is simply no good reason to charge forward, decline all deliberation and recklessly damage — perhaps irreversibly — our nation’s security and force readiness,” he added.

Later, Issa suggested in a statement to Fox News that he feels compelled to act to protect the rights of service members across all branches. “Every member of our military is ready to fight for us,” he said. “This is our turn to fight for them and make sure President Biden doesn’t destroy tens of thousands of military careers.”

Biden’s “reckless campaign of brinksmanship”

Issa reiterated his criticism of the policy in an op-ed published by Fox News this week, calling the impending vaccination deadlines for military members “one of the most grievous injuries ever perpetrated upon our military by its Commander in Chief.”

“Why? Because President Biden is threatening to discharge every member of the military who expresses a religious exemption or nothing more than a cautionary reluctance to immediately obey his sweeping vaccine mandate,” Issa charged. “This would be as unnecessary as it is unjustified.”

He noted that his recent letter urged Biden to “turn back from its reckless campaign of brinksmanship that he and his Administration have undertaken against our best and brightest.”

“They’re not dissidents in our ranks. They’re warfighters and battle strategists, engineers and linguists, and soldiers and scholars. But they’re also fathers and mothers to children who need them and daughters and sons to parents who burst with pride at their service to our country,” Issa declared. “They are acting on the principles drilled into them throughout their career, and they don’t deserve to immediately lose their commissions or careers because of it.”

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