Report: Convicted sex trafficker may have received lenient plea deal to protect Bill Clinton

The Miami Herald just released a bombshell report that will have reverberations through presidential administrations past and present.

The report alleges that alleged sex trafficker and abuser Jeffrey Epstein may have received a lenient plea agreement to protect, among others, former President Bill Clinton.

Bad Plea Deal

The subject of the report is Alexander Acosta, President Donald Trump’s current secretary of Labor.

Prior to becoming part of the Trump administration, Acosta served as the U.S. Attorney in Southern Florida.

One of the cases he was charged with was the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein, a serial sex abuser and Clinton ally whose 53-page indictment could have left him behind bars for life.

But rather than throw the book at Epstein, which most believed should have happened, Acosta let him off with a light tap on the wrist — perhaps in an attempt to protect the former president, whose wife was then gearing up for a 2008 presidential campaign.

Her campaign likely would have been thrown off the ropes by a conviction, because husband Bill was allegedly treated to sexual favors by various individuals — including underage girls — at several of Epstein’s residences.

There were also reports of Bill (and sometimes Hillary) Clinton traveling on Epstein’s private jet to attend private events.

The Case of Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein was eventually brought up on charges of sex trafficking, including with underage girls.

Among the evidence collected against Epstein were phone records, witness statements, and phone logs — all of which proved the allegations true.

But for whatever reason, Acosta presented a deal to Epstein that put him behind bars for only 13 months.

And that 13 months wasn’t full of misery, either.

Epstein was being placed in a private wing of the prison and, according to the Herald, was even allowed to “leave the jail six days a week, for 12 hours a day, to go to a comfortable office that Epstein had set up in West Palm Beach” for work.

“This was granted despite explicit sheriff’s department rules stating that sex offenders don’t qualify for work release,” the Herald reported.

More shockingly, the details of the deal were never discussed with the victims, as the deal was closed until approved by the judge.

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The general feel was that Acosta made the deal to protect certain very powerful individuals associated with Epstein.

Among them: Bill Clinton. Who else?

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