Polls show recall election against Gov. Newsom gaining traction in California

Former President Donald Trump’s one-time lawyer Jenna Ellis is adding her voice to the chorus of conservatives urging California Republicans to vote in the upcoming recall election of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Ellis tweeted in response to recent remarks from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on the topic, writing: “Vote YES on the recall. End King Newsom’s reign. Because California is quite literally feeling the burn.”

“Bold-faced Republican power grab”

For his part, Sanders urged progressive voters to oppose a “bold-faced Republican power grab.”

Of course, the recall election itself is a bipartisan effort propelled by Californians upset over the governor’s leadership on various issues — including the implementation of harsh COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions. Furthermore, recent polls indicate Newsom faces a real risk that he will be recalled and removed from office.

Conventional wisdom dictates that Newsom will withstand the threat to his term, but this recall campaign has been far from conventional.

Conservative and liberal Californians alike grew disillusioned with Newsom’s leadership and launched what Sanders misleadingly labeled a “Republican recall” of the governor.

He has infuriated so many of his state’s voters that even some in his party are concerned that a Republican has a legitimate shot at becoming the next governor.

Recall race heats up

Newsom won re-election in 2018 with a double-digit lead and President Joe Biden similarly won last year’s presidential race by double digits in California.

In reality, any Democrat has an inherent advantage in statewide California races. Nevertheless, the recall election remains within the margin of error in recent polling. Even if Newsom is successful in defeating the effort, it will likely be by a close race.

The fact that such a successful recall attempt has been organized in the state should be enough for California Democrats to engage in some soul searching. Meanwhile, some of Newsom’s GOP rivals are beginning to gain traction across the state.

Conservative radio host Larry Elder has attracted enthusiastic support and could feasibly defeat the current governor in the upcoming race.

In fact, Democrats have apparently become so concerned that some politicos and pundits have already begun trashing him in the media. It seems the end might actually be near for the administration of “King Newsom.”

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