Washington Times op-ed argues real reason for school shootings is America’s ‘godless society’

Following the recent mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats have quite predictably demanded stricter gun control laws as the only appropriate response.

According to an op-ed from Cheryl Chumley of The Washington Times, however, none of the Democratic gun control proposals will address her belief that the murderous shooter is the inevitable product of an increasingly godless society.

In fact, Chumley surmised that Democrats are aware of this and know that their proposed laws won’t stop future school shootings but inexorably press forward in hopes of achieving a major political goal — undermining the Second Amendment and disarming lawful gun owners.

More gun control proposals; warning signs missed

U.S. News reported Tuesday that Democrats in Congress are already working on a package of new gun control laws that would address several of the left’s anti-gun goals, including raising the minimum age to purchase any firearm to 21, mandating “safe storage” of firearms, and going after so-called “ghost guns” that are privately made firearms without a federally-mandated serial number, among other things.

It is highly unlikely that Democrats will receive much, if any, support from Republicans for these and other measures, and while the proposals will probably get pushed through the Democrat-controlled House, they will likely meet their end in the evenly split Senate.

Meanwhile, the Texas Tribune reported over the weekend that there had been ample warning signs ahead of time about the Uvalde shooter that should have garnered the attention of authorities but instead went largely unnoticed.

That includes numerous hateful comments and threats posted to various social media platforms, including threats to kidnap, rape, and kill a number of young women as well as evidence of animal abuse and open declarations of his intentions to shoot up a school.

Laws from Congress cannot replace God in society

Again, though, none of that matters to gun control-obsessed Democrats, and Chumley wrote, “The Democrat grandstanding is all aimed at putting on a political show, pretending as if legislation that outlaws acts that are already outlawed,” as well as to water down the Second Amendment and disarm the American people.

“Lawbreakers don’t worry about what laws are passed; those with intent to commit gun-related crimes, including murder, aren’t going to be persuaded to lay down their arms because the Second Amendment has been repealed,” she continued. “Once again, Democrats know this. They just don’t care because their ultimate end game is to strip the American citizenry of the right to bear arms.”

Furthermore, in Chumley’s view, the heart of the problem of gun violence isn’t even the guns, but rather that America has been transformed into a “godless society” where people’s natural fear of accountability to a higher power has been diminished while the secular government has arisen in its place with endless and growing arbitrarily enforced laws that don’t constrain evil in the same manner.

“America’s moved away from godly standards of behavior and governance. Americans have by and large shed the idea of rights coming from God in favor of a system where rights are only those that are granted by government,” Chumley wrote. “And Americans have done that because the nation, as a whole, has grown more and more secular, which has led to more and more behavioral problems — meaning more and more crimes and mental disorders — and that has led to more and more calls for the government to come in and save us all from the rotted, rotting culture.”

She concluded by asserting that the only real way to reduce gun violence is for society to once again enshrine God as a central figure instead of passing meaningless new laws that will have limited impact on the actual problem and only serve to disarm and endanger good Americans.

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