‘Real Housewives’ star Jen Shah is facing 50 years in prison

Jen Shah, one of the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” is asking a judge to keep statements that she made on television out of her upcoming fraud trial.

Fox News, however, cites a legal expert as opining that “there’s not a good legal basis to get this evidence excluded.” 


Shah’s trial is set to begin in roughly one month, on March 22.

She is facing multiple counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Recently, Shah’s legal team has been trying to get the trial judge to not allow statements that Shah made on “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” to be brought up during the trial.

Shah’s legal team has argued, “there is no circumstance under which a clip of Jen Shah from her appearance on the “RHOSLC'”should be used in court as these clips do not have any of the indicia of reliability.”

Why? Because, according to these lawyers, the show is “highly curated and edited to satisfy” storylines.

Is that going to hold up?

According to former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani, it will not.

Rahmani explained:

So to the extent that Shah makes statements on the “Real Housewives” those can come in. It doesn’t matter that it was on a reality TV show or any TV show or it was given to Homeland Security Investigations’ agents or some other third party. Those can come in. There’s no exclusion because it was on TV.

Rahmani, though, further explained that Shah might be able to get a favorable ruling here if it can be shown that the statements that she made on the show are either not her own or were edited in such a way as to make them inaccurate. But, even here Rahmani said that “the government can still also subpoena the raw footage” which will then be put before a jury.

Accordingly, Rahmani concluded, “There’s not a good legal basis to get this evidence excluded. It’s coming in.”

The trial judge has yet to rule on this motion. All-in-all, Shah could be facing a prison sentence of up to 50 years if found guilty of all offenses.

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