Real Clear Politics projects Republicans will take majority in Senate

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Real Clear Politics is predicting that the GOP will pick up two U.S. Senate seats in the midterm elections in just weeks, a result that if it develops would signal an end to many of Joe Biden’s agenda points – and even open the door for a number of paybacks.

The Democrats hold the majority right now in the 50-50 Senate through Kamala Harris’ tiebreaking vote.

But the RCP projection for the 2022 midterms suggests that most Democrat seats will be held by the Democrats and most GOP seats will be held by the GOP.

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The changes are expected to be in Nevada and Georgia, and if those develop, would give the GOP a 52-48 majority and control of the Senate.

It would, for example, end Biden’s pipeline for his extreme leftist judges that he’s been appointed to the judiciary. It would give the GOP an opportunity to investigate Hunter Biden and his business deals with China, as well as Joe Biden’s involvement in those deals.

Vox reported the Nevada race for the Democrats could be a “disaster.”

There, the prediction is for Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto to lose her seat to state Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

In Georgia, it’s NFL star Herschel Walker is challenging Raphael Warnock for the Senate seat.

The Savannah Morning News reported Walker “out-Warnocked” the “smooth-talking” senator in a race that is very close.

Warnock, a pastor, has been hit with revelations about a number of scandals, including the fact his church, which pays him about $90,000 in “housing” allowance even while he’s in the Senate, was evicting low-income residents from a church facility during COVID.

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