Rep. John Ratcliffe: Schiff attempting to ‘bury’ deposition transcript harmful to impeachment narrative

One of the articles of impeachment put forward by House Democrats accuses President Donald Trump of “obstruction of Congress” and asserts that the president improperly withheld from disclosure relevant information that Congress and the American public had a right to see.

According to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), however, it is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) — lead House manager and head of the impeachment inquiry — who is guilty of obstructing Congress in that he has worked to “bury” a deposition transcript from the first phase of the process that incriminates himself and undermines the impeachment narrative, The Daily Wire reported.

Unreleased transcript

Rep. Ratcliffe made an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo to talk about a series of issues, including the sole deposition transcript from the impeachment inquiry that Schiff has refused to release to Congress or to the American people.

Following talk of the ongoing impeachment trial, Bartiromo asked, “So, tell me about the evidence that you have not seen?” and more directly noted, “There were 18 witnesses that the House prosecutors had for this. But you have not seen all 18 transcripts. Is that right?”

“That’s exactly right, Maria,” Ratcliffe replied. “The House managers kept putting up charts talking about the 17 witnesses. But there were 18. The 18th was the inspector general of the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson. He was the second witness interviewed on October 4. I was there.”

“It’s the one transcript out of 18 that hasn’t been released. It’s a 179-page transcript, and you can bet that if that transcript was helpful to Adam Schiff and the Democrats and harmful to President Trump, everyone would have seen it by now,” he said.

“But, instead, it’s just the opposite. It’s the one transcript that talks about Adam Schiff and the whistleblower. Now, everyone knows by now that Adam Schiff was not truthful about his contacts with the whistleblower,” the congressman continued. “What they don’t know and what’s in that transcript is that the whistleblower wasn’t truthful about his contacts with Adam Schiff.”

Whistleblower dishonesty

Ratcliffe explained, “This whole thing started, Maria, when a whistleblower filed a complaint with the inspector general, under penalty of perjury, that wasn’t true and correct, made representations — in writing and then verbally — that weren’t true and correct.”

“And when we found that out and tried to get into the details of that, Adam Schiff, who was in charge of this investigation, shut it down, and now he’s trying to bury that transcript,” he added.

You can watch Ratcliffe speak about Schiff’s ongoing efforts to hide the transcript of Atkinson’s deposition right here, starting at about the 3:40 mark:

It was already known that Schiff lied to the public about communications between his staff and the so-called “whistleblower,” and it was already known that there are significant concerns about the “whistleblower” himself and his potentially significant political animus toward Trump.

If what Ratcliffe says is true, Atkinson’s deposition laid all of those issues bare in a way that could prove very damning to Schiff and undermine the very premise on which the entire impeachment charade was founded.

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