Former National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe predicts Clinton co-conspirator Perkins Coie law firm could be indicted by Special Counsel Durham

Recent legal filings from Special Counsel John Durham, who was tasked with probing the origins of the fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion narrative, strongly suggest that he has unraveled the apparent conspiracy and is on the verge of indicting and prosecuting at least some of the alleged conspirators.

That would include the Democrat-aligned Perkins Coie law firm, which represented failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign and appears to have been deeply involved in the plot, according to former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, The Conservative Brief reported.

The former Texas Republican congressman turned Trump administration official made that assertion during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maris Bartiromo.

Clinton conspirators attempted to feloniously “defraud the federal government”

Near the end of the interview, after first discussing the Biden administration’s aid to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, as well as the allegations of corruption against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, Bartiromo asked Ratcliffe for his take on the latest news to come out of Special Counsel Durham’s investigation.

The most important takeaway from recent court filings, in Ratcliffe’s view, was that “this was a coordinated effort by Hillary Clinton campaign officials, by executives that were working with them, lawyers that worked for the campaign, all attempting to defraud the federal government.”

“And, as you said earlier, defrauding the government is a felony. Making false statements to federal investigators is a felony,” he continued. “And when multiple people do it together, that is a conspiracy. And I think that’s what’s being revealed in John Durham’s filings.”

Ratcliffe expects “many more indictments”

Bartiromo asked Ratcliffe specifically, “could the entire Perkins Coie firm go down?” She also addressed concerns that had been raised about alleged conspirators claiming attorney-client privilege to avoid answering certain questions as well as whether the statute of limitations might prevent Durham from prosecuting certain alleged crimes, according to RealClearPolitics.

With regard to the statute of limitations that prevent prosecutions after a certain period of time has elapsed, Ratcliffe noted that, at least when it comes to a conspiracy, the clock doesn’t start running on that prohibitive deadline until the “last overt act” in furtherance of said conspiracy occurred.

That means that if “anyone gave false testimony to congressional investigators in 2017 or 2018, that would be in furtherance of a conspiracy and would toll the statute of limitations.” Ratcliffe said, “So, the idea that this is not a prosecutable or indictable conspiracy is misguided. I think that all of these things, again, reflect that these folks were acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.”

As for the potential for indictments against the Perkins Coie law firm, the former DNI explained, “If multiple lawyers for a law firm are attempting to defraud the government or lie to the government to not just commit a campaign dirty trick but to peddle a false narrative that misleads investigators, an entire law firm like Perkins Coie could be subject to indictment.”

“It’s why I have said from the beginning, Maria, based on the intelligence that I had seen, discussed, and shared with John Durham, I expected there to be many more indictments. And that continues to be the case,” he added.

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