Rasmussen polls show Trump with first-ever lead over Biden, improved approval rating

While many in the media have spent months pointing to various polls that show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a solid lead over President Donald Trump, that narrative might soon be changing.

According to one major poll, the former vice president’s advantage has fallen and Trump is even enjoying a marginal lead, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

The race continues to tighten

The latest Rasmussen results were released this week and show the president, for the first time during the campaign, with an advantage over Biden.

Additionally, the polling firm noted that Trump’s approval rating has matched its highest point of the year.

These numbers were included as part of Rasmussen’s weekly White House Watch poll and showed Trump with a 47%–46% lead over his Democratic challenger. The poll found that 3% of respondents are backing a third-party candidate and another 4% remain undecided.

Of course, the poll’s margin of error is 2%, so Trump’s lead is uncertain. Nevertheless, it shows clear movement in the president’s favor and could carry some psychological significance for his supporters and campaign.

RealClearPolitics, which maintains a rolling average of multiple polls, includes the Rasmussen survey in its algorithm. Still, that average shows Biden with a 5.8-point advantage over Trump.

Trump’s approval rating improves

It is worth noting, however, that Biden was registering eight points ahead of Trump just a week ago.

In a separate Rasmussen survey, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Trump’s approval rating registered at 52% on Wednesday. That matched a high point that he has already hit at least twice this year.

The following day, his approval rating dropped one point. The recent average of between 47% and 52%, however, represents a notable improvement from the low- to mid-40s he had received in many polls throughout the spring and early summer.

Similarly, RealClearPolitics’ average showed Trump with a significantly lower number, listing his most recent approval rating at 44.8%. Even that number, though, reveals a consistent climb since early July.

Trump voters learned four years ago that presidential polls are hardly foolproof predictors of electoral results. As the race continues to tighten ahead of Election Day, though, such reports only reaffirm the importance of voter turnout.

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