Rapper Michael ‘Mystikal’ Tyler arrested and charged for alleged rape, other crimes

Michael Tyler, a New Orleans-based rapper better known by his stage name Mystikal, was arrested Sunday on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges that included first-degree rape, robbery, and domestic abuse battery, according to Fox News.

The 51-year-old rapper, who has served time twice previously on sexual assault charges, is currently being held at the Ascension Parish Jail in Louisiana.

Arrested and charged

According to a social media post on Monday morning from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded late Sunday night to a Baton Rouge hospital for a reported sexual assault and interviewed the alleged victim who had suffered “minor wounds.”

It was quickly determined that Tyler was a suspect and he was promptly arrested and booked into the jail by the Sheriff’s Office.

“He is charged with First-Degree Rape, Simple Robbery, Domestic Abuse Battery — Strangulation, False Imprisonment, Simple Criminal Damage to Property,” the post stated and further noted that there was an “ongoing investigation” into the alleged incident.

What happened, according to the victim and police

Local ABC affiliate WBRZ reported Tuesday that Tyler faced an arraignment hearing that morning before an Ascension Parish judge and was ordered held with no bond, a decision that the rapper visibly disagreed with, as well as a detective’s description of what had occurred, during that hearing.

His attorney, Roy Maughan, told the outlet after that hearing, “We’re extremely disappointed that the judge decided he needed to hold Mr. Tyler without bond.”

According to court documents, the victim was a female acquaintance who was at Tyler’s home Sunday evening and was suddenly accused by the rapper of stealing $100 cash from him, an accusation that subsequently led to him “punching her, choking her, pulling braids out of her hair and taking her keys and phone to prevent her from leaving.”

In an effort to placate Tyler, the woman attempted to search for the missing cash and took note of his “bizarre mood swings” in which he varied between threats of physical violence and being “very apologetic” and asking her to pray with him. At one point, it appears that Tyler asked to get intimate with the woman, but became angry again after she refused and allegedly threw her on a bed and forcibly raped her.

After that, he used her phone to pay himself back for the supposed missing money and then returned her possessions to her and allowed her to leave, at which point she contacted a friend and went to a local hospital where a sexual assault kit was conducted and evidence of injuries consistent with rape were identified by deputies.

Drug possession charges likely; prior history of sexual assault

WBRZ noted that the victim reportedly discovered what appeared to be drugs while searching for the missing cash, and a subsequent search of Tyler’s home by police turned up multiple illicit drugs, for which he will likely face additional criminal charges for “possession of meth, marijuana, Xanax, heroin and drug paraphernalia.”

Fox News noted that this is not the first time that Tyler has been in trouble for sexual violence, as he served six years in prison over a 2003 sexual assault of his then-hairstylist and served an additional two years in jail for 2017 allegations of sexual assault, though he was released on $3 million bond in 2019 and the charges were dropped for lack of evidence in 2020, according to WBRZ.

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