Rapper Mac Miller dies of apparent drug overdose

Yet another young “artist” has taken his own life at a very young age.

Rapper Mac Miller died Friday of a suspected overdose.

Singer to Rapper

Before turning to rap at the age of 14, Miller had dreamed of being a professional singer.

This is something that he worked into his style, making him rather unique in the industry.

His first release was mixtape called But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy.

At the time, he was also part of a rap group called The Ill Spoken.

By 2010, Miller was started to get national acclaim and the courtship began with some major labels.

In 2011, Miller released a single called Donald Trump, an ode to the billionaire and soon-to-be president.

When Trump announced his candidacy, the song absolutely blew up.

Ominous Release

In 2014, Miller would put out a mixtape called “Faces.”

“Faces” eerily told the story of his battle with drugs and even forecasted his own death.

Miller’s drug problems at this point were no secret and he did not exactly try to hide them.

He seemed as though he was endlessly chasing something to numb his self-perceived pain.


After his death, the tributes left to him by many of his fellow rappers were touching but also rather ignorant.

Several of them mentioned how they wish they knew or wish he has reached out to them for help.

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If they wanted to help, all they really had to do was listen to his music or follow his social media accounts.

To anyone with common sense, it was apparent this young man was headed down a path of self-destruction.

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