Rapper JayDaYoungan dies at 24

Fox News reports that rapper “JayDaYoungan,” whose real name is Javorius Scott, has died at the age of only 24. 

Scott passed away just before midnight on Wednesday after suffering gunshot wounds.

What happened?

The incident took place just outside of Scott’s home in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Around 6 p.m., both Scott and Kenyatta Scott Sr., a relative of his, were the victims of a shooting.

The police were called. Scott was rushed to the Our Lady of the Angel’s emergency room in a personal vehicle. But, despite the medical team’s best efforts, Scott ended up passing away, as a result of his injuries, around midnight.

Kenyatta Scott Sr., on the other hand, is said to be in a stable condition.

In addition to Scott and Kenyatta Scott Sr., yet another individual was critically wounded in a shooting that took place about 30 minutes after the one at Scott’s home. Local authorities believe that the two shootings could be related.

What we know:

An investigation into these shootings is ongoing. The Bogalusa Police Department has released a statement, saying, “our officers are working diligently to identify the subjects responsible for these crimes.”

No information has been released about the identity of a suspect or suspects, but police do believe that they know what the likely motive for the shooting was, namely, retaliatory gang violence. Authorities have connected Scott to crimes involving gang rivalries recently.

Scott also did have a criminal background. In the past, he has been arrested for such charges as the possession of a firearm while under indictment for a crime, the obstruction of justice, the illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of minors, accessory to second-degree murder, and more.


Scott was an up-and-coming rapper known for such hits as 23 Island and Elimination. He had a large social media following, including 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

Scott was also a father. Scott is believed to have posted an Instagram video with his child just hours before Scott was shot outside of his home.

Wendy Perrette, the mayor of Bogalusa, released a statement calling what happened a “senseless shooting” and “another tragic reminder of the pain that violent crime brings with it.”

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