Rapper encourages violence against Kanye West for supporting Trump

Kanye West has been making headlines recently for his support of Donald Trump, but it would appear his loyalty to the president may have put his life at risk.

Daz Dillinger, a.k.a. Tha Dog Pound, put out a “Crip alert,” telling all gang members that if they see Kanye, “f**k Kanye up.”

Watch Out Kanye

Under normal circumstances, we might just brush a threat like this off.

However, the threat of Crips going after someone is very real.

You can watch the full video below, but be warned, the language is very offensive and graphic…

Much of the gang violence we have in this country is in areas saturated with Bloods and Crips.

Not so long ago, the nightly news showed blood on the streets several times a week directly related to these gangs.

Kanye being a “high-value” target, it would not surprise anyone to see someone take a shot at him that was wearing a blue bandana.

What Started It All

West started the backlash with the release of a new song and some comments about slavery.

His comments were twisted more than just a little bit and flipped to suit the liberal narrative.

When West tried to clarify his remarks, he was cut off and not permitted to explain himself, which is how the liberal machine works.

In addition, Kanye released a new song defending his position of supporting Donald Trump as our president.

That, apparently, was the last straw and drew the ire of many of his fellow African-American rappers and stars.

Culminating, of course, in what appears to be a very legitimate threat on his life.

The people criticizing Kanye are saying blacks did not have a choice when it came to slavery.

However, they are now upset that Kanye is making a choice to support Donald Trump.

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In fact, they are threatening his life over that choice.

While it does not involve shackles and chains, it would be very easy to argue that not going along with the norm being punishable by death is still a slavery of sorts.

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