Rapper arrested after he allegedly confessed to murder in one of his music videos

September 9, 2023
Robert Ayers

A rapper has been arrested and charged with murder after he appeared to implicate himself, in the murder, in one of his music videos. 

The rapper is 25-year-old Kenjuan McDaniel of Henderson, Nevada.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, on Aug. 30, 2023, published a press release on the matter.

The press release details McDaniel's arrest and charges as well as what led up to the arrest and charges.

What happened?

According to the department, the incident in question took place back in September 2021.

The department writes, "On September 18, 2021, at approximately 6:33 p.m., patrol officers were dispatched to investigate a man down in an apartment complex located in the 5800 block of West Lake Mead Boulevard."

The department goes on to write that, when the officers arrived at the scene, they "were directed to a male who had suffered from apparent gunshot wounds."

Separately, it has been reported that the victim is Randall Wallace and that Wallace was shot in the head. The department states that this individual, the victim, "was pronounced deceased at the scene."

An investigation ensued, and this investigation, according to the department, led detectives to McDaniel.

Why McDaniel?

The department, in its press release, states, "McDaniel was arrested by the Criminal Apprehension Team on August 29, 2023. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center for open murder with a deadly weapon."

Why McDaniel? At least part of the answer to this question is a music video, from McDaniel, that detectives found on YouTube. Fox 5 reports: "On July 17, 2023, a detective observed a YouTube video posted by 'The Biggest Finn 4800' titled 'Fadee Free' . . .

Here are some of the relevant lyrics:

I be the reason why he’s dead, we still taunt him when he die, not the reason he’s dead, so celebrate the reason why his momma cry . . . Parked the car, double back on feet, the smartest way to slide, drove in, double lock yo man, make sure you get yo bod.

Significantly, Fox 5, in its report, adds, "The report breaks down the lyrics line by line as to what McDaniel is referring to in his song, taking credit for the murder of Wallace, and including information that was never released to the public regarding the shooting."

The department, however, said that the music video, in itself, is not the only piece of evidence linking McDaniel to the crime. The department stated, "The facts gathered during the investigation were obtained separately from the music video. The music video further validated the results of the investigation."

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