Rape charges dropped after video disproves woman’s claim against 4 dentists

This is why due process is so important.

After a woman filed a sexual assault case against four male dentists in Dallas, charges were dropped when evidence was produced by the men that proved they were innocent.

The Process

We often hear people saying “trust the process,” arguing that if we do, the truth will eventually come out.

That is exactly what happened here when a young woman claimed that a man held her down without her consent and called over three others, who she claimed took turns raping her.

According to the accuser’s official report, “she was too intoxicated and overwhelmed because of how many people were attacking her and she could not fight back.”

The Evidence

But unfortunately for the woman filing the charges, there was video evidence of the entire encounter — which told an “extremely different” story.

“After review of the facts of the case, it was clear that the allegations were completely fabricated,” attorneys stated. “The evidence confirmed the men’s innocence, and the state has cleared them of all charges.”

“We are so grateful to the justice system for recognizing that we were the victims in this case,” the four men said in a statement. “We knew when the facts came out that the vicious allegations would be exposed as lies and our good names would be cleared.”

“At this sensitive moment in our history, we believe that women should be respected and heard and believed,” the statement continued. “But as this case shows, it is also important to keep a critical eye on those willing to use the movement for their own selfish motives and remember that innocent until proven guilty is one of our country’s bedrock principles.”

The Aftermath

This is something Democrats and liberals in this country very much need to learn from.

The woman making the allegations, in this case, was obviously at least somewhat credible, or police never would have carried out the investigation.

However, the facts made clear that her allegations were 100 percent false, much like most of us believe is the case with the Kavanaugh allegations.

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Sexual attacks are a very serious issue, but making false allegations is only going to harm women that have actually been attacked.

The fact the Democrat Party is taking part in perpetuating unsubstantiated allegations, like the ones lodged against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, should be very alarming to all Americans.

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