Rap feud results in deadly shooting outside Trump-owned Miami resort

There was a deadly shooting outside of a Florida property owned by President Donald Trump on Sunday, but much to the dismay of his heartless haters, it did not involve him or anyone associated with him.

Rather, the shooting appears to be a continuation of a violent tit-for-tat dispute between rap artists who were in Miami for an event known as the Rolling Loud Music Festival at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Tragedy near Trump resort

Gunfire reportedly erupted in front of the Trump International Beach Resort Miami on Sunday afternoon, resulting in the wounding of four individuals — including the girlfriend of one of the rappers, as well as a 5-year-old child — and the death of an innocent man hit by a stray bullet.

The fracas was one of several potentially related incidents that occurred over the weekend, including a fatal shooting of a Chicago-based rapper named AAB Hellabandz outside a nightclub on Saturday night, as well as another shooting that occurred around the same time at a nearby location as the Sunday afternoon shooting in front of the Trump resort.

The Trump resort incident involved the wounding by gunfire of 19-year-old Kaylyn Marie Long, who is believed to be the girlfriend of rapper NBA Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSaan Gaulden.

The victim who was killed has been identified as 43-year-old Mohamed Jradi, a worker at a nearby business unaffiliated with the rap feud who was hit in the head with a bullet as he was leaving work to spend the rest of the day with family.

Aside from the innocent bystanders hit by stray bullets, multiple vehicles near the scene were also hit with gunfire as well.

Festival marred by violence

Police detained at least seven individuals suspected of being involved in the shooting by Monday morning. Several firearms were seized from people at the scene.

The police also searched for and later found a vehicle suspected of being involved in the incident, and detained the four adult males found inside it.

Separately, another rapper by the moniker of Kodak Black was arrested by police at the music festival on Saturday on a weapons charge.

On a related note, famed rapper Lil’ Wayne cancelled his scheduled appearance at the festival once he learned that police and security personnel were conducting drug and weapon searches of performers and their entourages at the event.

These incidents bear all of the hallmarks of a beef between rival rappers that was settled with gunfire instead of clever rhymes, and aside from occurring right outside a Trump property in Miami, there is no association whatsoever with the president or anyone within his orbit. Hopefully, an investigation will quickly make that abundantly clear.

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