Ralph Cirella, longtime friend and stylist of Howard Stern, dead at age 58

 December 7, 2023

A close personal friend of famed radio personality Howard Stern, Ralph Cirella, reportedly died unexpectedly this week while undergoing a medical procedure, according to the New York Post.

Cirella, 58, had been friends with Stern for several decades and served as the radio host's stylist and assistant while also frequently appearing as a guest on Stern's program over the years.

Cirella's "heart gave out" during routine medical procedure

Local Fox affiliate WJW reported that Stern announced the death of his friend Cirella during his SiriusXM show on Wednesday and shared how heartbroken he was at the sudden loss.

According to Stern, Cirella had undergone what should have been a routine medical procedure Tuesday morning to address a "curable and treatable" but "rare lymphoma" he had recently been diagnosed with when his "heart gave out" before the procedure was finished.

The grieving host expressed his anger and sadness that Cirella "didn’t take care of himself" and had waited too long to address his medical issue.

Stern "taking it very hard"

Stern told his listeners that he and Cirella had been friends for around 40 years and shared a similar sense of humor, and said, "He loved me. Ralph was a trustworthy, dear friend who made me laugh every time I was with him."

He recalled how Cirella had typically been by his side during various TV appearances over the years and even credited him as the catalyst for his own marriage, as it had been Cirella who had encouraged him to go to a particular party where he met his future wife for the first time.

Stern also revealed that he last spoke with Cirella the night before the operation and had been confident that his friend would survive his cancer diagnosis. "There was a lot of good times on the show with Ralph," he said. "I’m taking it very hard."

John Stamos also stricken with grief

Howard Stern was not alone in mourning the unanticipated death of Ralph Cirella, as "Full House" actor John Stamos was also a longtime friend and publicly shared his grief in an Instagram post.


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"At the painfully young age of 58, my dear friend, Ralph Cirella, was suddenly taken from us, leaving us all in a state of profound shock. He was, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind soul," Stamos wrote. "Ralph wasn't just a friend; he was family."

"[We] met in the old days where he worked his magic as a makeup artist for Howard Stern's Channel 9 show," the actor continued. "I can vividly recall how he transformed Howard into a perfect replica of Larry King, showcasing his exceptional talent and creativity. From the day forward, we were life long friends, I just wished he lived longer."

"Ralph possessed an abundance of untapped potential, but he grappled with finding the motivation to fully realize it -- a painful reality that we all witnessed," Stamos said. "It serves as a poignant reminder of life's unpredictability and the importance of not only pursuing our dreams but also seeing them through to the end."

Stamos concluded, "My dear friend, I will miss you so much. I love you, Ralphie boy. Rest in peace."

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