Joint raid kills more than 40 terrorists in southern Afghanistan

The worst move the Taliban ever could have made was launching a deadly attack right before the peace talks were scheduled to occur at Camp David. After the act, President Donald Trump pledged to hit them harder than ever, which set off a series of raids ending in a significant number of terrorist deaths.

Over this last weekend, U.S. and Afghanistan forces joined up to carry out an attack that would end up killing 22 Taliban and 20 Al-Qaeda militants.

Breaking Off the Peace Talks

While there was always a question of the Taliban being trustworthy, Trump was willing to take that chance to secure peace in Afghanistan.

According to reports, the talks had progressed to the point that an agreement in principle had been reached, and they only needed to hash out some of the finer details.

President Trump had invited Taliban leadership to Camp David to work out the final details, but the Taliban decided to make a very foolish move.

In an effort to strengthen its negotiating position, the Taliban carried out a suicide attack that killed a U.S. soldier. In response, Trump called off the peace talks and went into attack mode, ramping up airstrikes and Special Forces attacks.

The successful joint attack this weekend was carried out by U.S. Special Forces and the Afghan military. Soldiers from both armies joined forces, and with the support of an AC-130 gunship, almost four dozen militants were taken out.

Additionally, the report stated that a half dozen terrorists had also been taken into custody.

Extending a Hand

One of the conditions laid down by the Taliban in its previous agreement was that it would not negotiate with Afghanistan until U.S. forces had been pulled out of the country.

After this latest attack, Afghanistan is hoping the Taliban sees things a little differently.

Afghan Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi stated, “The Afghan government and the Afghan national security, we all are extending our hand for the peace process and has given the opportunity for the Taliban to come.”

Over the last couple of weeks, the Taliban has been obliterated and Al-Qaeda recently suffered the loss of its leader, so both organizations may now realize the best move is to come back to the peace talks table or they may soon find themselves in body bags.

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