Radical ‘Squad’ progressives are being isolated by moderates as November midterms near

It was only a matter of time before the radical progressive lawmakers who make up the Squad ran into trouble with the rest of the Democratic Party due to their failed agenda that Americans have resoundingly pushed back over the past two years.

According to Fox News, there’s a growing push to separate the radical element of the Dem Party in the House from the rest of the Democratic members, with some leading the efforts asserting that the Squad’s policies are simply too “toxic” as the November midterms near. 

Matt Bennett, the co-founder of a political action committee called the Shield PAC, which was formed to protect moderate Dems from their radical counterparts, told Fox News that the 2020 election was a massive red flag, as moderate Dems blamed the radicals for a number of losses that they weren’t expected to take.

“We have been kind of shouting this from the rooftops since the 2020 election,” Bennett said.

A message to the Squad

Democrats are already widely predicted — by pundits on both sides of the aisle — to experience massive defeat in the midterms. That’s almost always the case anyway during a midterm election, as the party in majority control typically takes losses, but the proverbial body count is expected to be much higher this time around.

That’s not taking into account President Joe Biden’s humiliating polling numbers, which are also expected to hamper Democratic candidates across the country.

Bennett admitted that the Squad’s radical agenda does fine in places like Brooklyn, New York, but the rest of the country is sick and tired of movements like “defund the police,” as well as their efforts to push Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, and other radical changes that have proven to be deeply unpopular.

“They arm Republicans with very potent attacks, albeit, very misleading ones, but very politically impactful attacks,” Bennett said with regard to the radical policies that have been pushed by Squad members recently.

“My message would be, please understand that what works in your district does not work in western Iowa and that what you say has consequences for your Democratic colleagues that could profoundly impact the ability of the party to retain majorities,” Bennett added.

Republican counter

Republican National Committee spokesman Nathan Brand reminded Fox News that while moderates in the party will attempt to distance before November, it’s likely all for show, as Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have cozied up to Squad members, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have embraced their agenda, and as a result Democrats are staring down dismal poll numbers, discouraged voters, and defeat in November,” Brand said.

With a growing list of Democrats already trying to rewrite history and claim they never supported some of the Biden administration’s COVID mandates and guidance, it’ll be genuinely hilarious to watch them flop away from the radicals in the party as November inches closer.

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