Radical new Biden rule would 'lock up' federal lands

May 19, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden has made much use of executive orders, sometimes to make changes that would not be adopted by Congress.

For instance, among his many agenda points that he's pursued simply by writing down what he wants, he's worked to redefine the word "sex" in the nation's legacy nondiscrimination laws to include "gender identity" and such.

Essentially, his agenda has argued that members of Congress, when they adopted a ban on sex discrimination decades ago, to protect women, they were proclaiming that transgenders must be treated as the sex they choose to represent themselves as being.

Now Biden is working to change the requirements established by Congress for the multiple uses of public lands across much of the American West.

He wants to simply change a rule to satisfy his ideologies.

"This is an attempt by the Biden administration to end multiple uses on public lands," explained William Perry Pendley, who led the BLM during the Trump administration, to The Federalist.

A report at the publication noted that the Bureau of Land Management was working to "fundamentally reshape how public lands are managed" and it's happening "without congressional approval."

The Biden administration now is pushing for "conservation leases" a plan that is a radical change from established multiple-use procedures, which allow for mineral development, tourism, ranching, and many more options. Even ski resorts.

The report notes that federal law now requires federal lands to be used in ways "best meet the present and future needs of the people."

The new Biden rule would insist that the BLM, which oversees 245 million acres, mostly in the vast reaches of the American West, limit grazing and development options, letting the feds lease parcels of federal land to third parties who could restrict activities for decades.

Rocky Mountain Legal Foundation lawyer David McDonald told The Federalist it would be a "game changer," allowing "conservation" plans to take priority over mining, timbering or more.

The new concept is vaguely worded, providing protections for such things as "landscapes."

Pendley referenced Biden's demands that he wants 30% of American lands and waterways locked up by 2030.

The report said Biden's planned rule change could be a vehicle for that agenda.

McDonald warned that the agenda includes "a lot of different areas where they could be chipping away at people’s rights."

He said ranchers with long histories of leasing property easily could lose out to wealthy environmental groups who would take over. Pendley said Biden's changes would simply drive ranchers out of business.

The scheme probably shouldn't have been a surprise. The report explained BLM chief Tracy Stone-Manning's 1992 graduate thesis condemned public grazing.

She's also known for promoting a Chinese-style limit on children, and for her eco-terrorism.

In fact, ranchers and farmers originally settled the West, and under their use, the land has been regenerating for generations.

House lawmakers already have started to campaign against the BLM.

In a letter, they wrote, "The administration’s proposal will have considerable implications, fundamentally changing the way the BLM carries out its multiple uses and sustained yield mandate under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976."

"Their objective is to end all economic use of public lands," Pendley told The Federalist of the Biden BLM proposal. "Does that mean recreation? I don’t know. It depends on what kind of recreation. I don’t think they like ski resorts."

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