Radical leftists show up to Boston Marathon to harass and pressure Sen. Sinema

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), one of the two moderates who have stood in opposition to the progressives in Congress and President Joe Biden’s White House with regard to their intent to pass a $3.5 trillion spending spree, was able to dodge yet another bout of harassment by groups attempting to pressure her into caving.

According to Fox News, a coalition of progressive groups and activists showed up to the Boston Marathon, where Sinema was set to run, with signs and chants urging her to get on board with the progressive spending bill. However, because of a foot injury, Sinema never showed up to the race, which turned out to be a sound decision. 

What’s going on?

As Fox noted, the Arizona Working Families Party and the Sunrise Movement’s Tempe chapter turned out at the race in force, complete with fancy signage and banners, with the hopes of pressuring Sinema into giving in.

Another coalition of progressive activists, known as the Green New Deal Network, reportedly showed up to the annual marathon to “birddog” the Arizona senator with the intent to pressure her into caving to the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party.

The latest attempts to bully Sinema into breaking her stand-off with the party came in the wake of several previous incidents, including an especially disgusting incident at Arizona State University where radical leftists stalked Sinema inside of a bathroom, as The Washington Post previously reported.

The Arizona moderate Democrat has also been approached and bullied by leftists at an airport, and even inside the cabin of an airplane.


Unfortunately for the radical leftists who were clearly bent on harassing and pressuring Sinema at the marathon, they never got the chance, as Sinema never made an appearance.

“While Kyrsten qualified for and attended the race, she could not run because of her continued recovery from a broken foot,” a spokesperson for Sinema noted after the race in a statement.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), also a moderate who opposes the $3.5 trillion spending package, has found himself the target of crazed leftists who apparently believe harassment is the key to victory. As Fox News noted in a previous report, a group of the activists recently used kayaks to surround and harass Manchin on his houseboat.

While Manchin and Sinema have somewhat different reasons for opposing the massive, progressive Democrat-led bill, both believe that it’s simply too expensive and would wreak havoc on a U.S. economy already facing chaos due to increasing inflation.

Only time will tell if activists ultimately win the day by harassing their opposition into relenting, but Sinema and Manchin should be praised for holding the line this long. They’re virtually the only two people standing as a shield to protect the U.S. economy and the American public from a disastrous social spending package that would further derail America.

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