Radical left St. Louis DA Kim Gardner refuses to resign

April 30, 2023
Robert Ayers

According to the Washington Examinerleftist Circuit Attorney Kim Garden just made it clear that she will not be resigning anytime soon. 

For those unfamiliar with Gardner, she is the Circuit Attorney of St. Louis, Missouri. Gardner is also one of those prosecutors who is being funded by leftist billionaire George Soros.

Gardner is in her second term as circuit attorney and she is up for reelection in 2024.

But, there is currently an effort to remove Gardner from her position before 2024 gets here. The essential allegation is that Gardner has failed to do her job.


After facing much criticism, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, in February, gave Gardner the opportunity to resign from her position. Gardner, however, refused.

Bailey, in response, began the process of removing Gardner under state law.

Bailey, at the time, said:

This is about the rule of law and justice. Prosecutors are charged with holding wrongdoers accountable under the criminal code. Prosecutors who fail to do that aren’t doing their job.

Bailey, in the removal action, submitted documentation that covers the entirety of Gardner's time as circuit attorney. According to the Examiner, the documentation included evidence of Gardner's "absences in court, hiring a suspended lawyer, and mandatory non-disclosure agreements in her office, among other things."

Just recently, Gardner failed to appear at a murder trial - on multiple occasions. And, it now appears that Gardner is going to be held in "indirect criminal contempt" as a result.

"I ain't leaving"

Over the weekend, Gardner participated in a round table discussion on youth and violence that was held on Saturday at Central Baptist Church. There, Gardner made it clear that she will not be resigning anytime soon - that Bailey is going to have to succeed in the removal process in order to get rid of her.

She said, "I ain’t leaving. I ain’t resigning. I ain't doing nothing. You gonna have to remove me."

Gardner also made a series of claims, including that the effort to remove her is "a witch hunt" and that the media is trying to silence her. Gardner claimed that the media wants "to capture every word I'm saying so they can use this as a sound bite for criminal contempt or a vehicle to try and take me out of office."

Gardner does have supporters.

It remains to be seen whether Gardner will make it to 2024 or whether she will be removed from office.

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