‘Impeach Trump’ rally-goer hurls racial slurs at Fox News reporter

The tolerant left has once again proved just how low they’re willing to go when Fox News journalist Lawrence Jones attended an “impeach Trump” rally.

At one point, someone attending the rally ordered Jones to “go back to Fox News where there is more cotton for you to pick.”

Failed Rally

This weekend was supposed to be a major push to prove how much Americans want Donald Trump impeached. Dozens of locations were announced where “impeach Trump” rallies were going to be held.

Unfortunately for Dems, the attendance was not exactly overwhelming.

Jones attended one of the rallies and what he found was pretty eye-opening.

You know how Dems portray Trump supporters as dumb rednecks? Well…

Uneducated, Uniformed

It is pretty obvious the liberals at these events simply do not have a clue.

Jones put a simple question to most of them, asking what laws they thought Trump actually broke, and they all came up empty.

Virtually every one of them still goes back to collusion, a tired trope that Robert Mueller officially ruled out when he released his report.

Most of them, however, just stammered and made hateful or angry comments.

Let’s face it — they’re angry that Hillary didn’t win, and that Trump is so successful.

That is also fine, but to make such nasty and obviously racially motivated comments to Jones, well, that is just inexcusable.

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