Abortion groups face a ‘racial reckoning’ as employees allege mistreatment, racism: report

It has often been said that a revolution always ends up eating its own.

Current and former employees came forward to accuse major “reproductive rights” abortion advocacy groups of hypocrisy and racism, according to an exhaustive –and exhausting — report from Buzzfeed News.

They are attempting to provoke a “racial reckoning” for the predominately white leadership of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and its many affiliates over allegations of race-based mistreatment, Buzzfeed reported.

“Employees of color, and especially Black employees, feel stuck in lower-paying roles at powerful organizations primarily run by white women, and they say they regularly experience microaggressions, tokenization, and racism at institutions that often tout intersectional feminism as their ethos,” Buzzfeed wrote. “And when they try to push for more inclusivity — both publicly and internally — they say they are ignored or brushed off.”

Alleged mistreatment

The media outlet claimed to have interviewed dozens of aggrieved individuals, most of whom requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal, about being underrepresented in leadership and of suffering mistreatment at the hands of white women in leadership.

One unnamed woman, who previously worked for a PR firm that worked with abortion advocacy groups, said of the racism and disparities, “I do think it’s worse in reproductive rights, because it is insidious. The movement prides itself on working on issues affecting the most marginalized in society — women, trans and nonbinary folks, and people of color.”

“And yet, in their own workplaces, they don’t value those people,” she added.

Another woman who used to work at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C. told Buzzfeed that, as the only non-white member of the administrative staff, she was treated differently than everybody else and was often assigned tasks typically carried out by assistants or singled out and verbally abused by her superior.

“I’ve worked at plenty of nonprofits, and I have never been treated so horribly in my life as I was at Planned Parenthood, to the point where I grew very depressed, had a lot of anxiety, and cried in the bathroom almost every day,” she explained.

The article detailed similar accounts from others who’d felt mistreated by their bosses and co-workers at the major abortion organizations.

Abortion orgs push back

In response, both NARAL and Planned Parenthood provided statements to Buzzfeed defending the progress they have made on diversity, equity, and inclusion, even as they acknowledged that they’d fallen short of ideals and there was more work to do.

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of the entire report, though, is that aggrieved employees were blowing the whistle on being dehumanized and mistreated by organizations that quite literally dehumanize and kill innocent unborn babies, and disproportionately those of minorities.

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