Rachel Maddow, Hillary mocked for laughing at claims against Trump

August 15, 2023
World Net Daily

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Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, rejected twice by voters in her pursuit of the Oval Office, and talk-show entertainer Rachel Maddow enjoyed a hearty guffaw on Monday, the day a partisan prosecutor in Georgia released a multiple-count indictment against President Trump over his comments and such following the 2020 election.

But they immediately were taken to task by social media.

"Can y'all hear yourselves tho?" asked commentator Mary Katharine Ham online, questioning Clinton who has claimed that multiple presidential elections were stolen, and Maddow, who has joined in those claims.

Fox News reported the two were "hammered" on social media, for falsely claiming "every election is stolen."

"That the system of democracy at its heart is the idea that the people get to decide how we are governed. And if we no longer believe that our will is effectuated through the system, if bad actors tell us falsely that every election is stolen and that the only way an election is trustworthy is if they come out on top of it, it tells you something not just about that person or that moment, it maybe wounds us as a democracy and in a way that's hard to repair," Maddow claimed.

She asked Clinton about the "wounds" inflicted during the process.

Clinton said, "Well, I think the truth matters. I think having these cases be brought and be brought in such professional manners, we’ll see how they unfold. Obviously, the trials, if there are trials, are gonna be critically important," she said. She fell to Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign, and to President Trump in 2016.

"The Babylon Bee's Seth Dillion said it was 'kind of awkward' to tell Clinton 'to her face that she's a bad actor who wounded our democracy,'" the report explained.

Clinton repeatedly claimed the 2016 election was stolen from her. She was part of the conspiracy that, during that election, wildly claimed that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia. In fact, Obama, at the time, was briefed on her scheme to tie Trump to Russia in order to divert voters' attention from her own scandal of posting national secrets on an unsecured email system.

The Russia collusion conspiracy also included a wide range of Deep State actors at the DOJ and the FBI but has since been thoroughly debunked.

The Fox report noted Maddow also repeatedly pushed that narrative.

Trump was indicted for the fourth time on Tuesday on 10 charges, including solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer and conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree.

Earlier indictments have accused him of business records violations that would be misdemeanors that are past the statute of limitations, except the prosecutor claimed they somehow are felonies instead. Another was over his possession of records from his presidency at his home, including classified documents. The issue here is that both Mike Pence and Joe Biden also had similar material in their possession, but no charges have been filed.

Yet another was over his comments about the 2020 election, statements that legal analysts say most probably are fully protected by the First Amendment.

The Daily Signal reported a Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury returned a 41-count indictment against Trump and 18 others Monday night, on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to steal the 2020 presidential election.

Maddow asked, "You warned the country, essentially, that he was going to try to end democracy."

"I don’t feel any satisfaction. I feel great, just great, profound sadness that we have a former president who has been indicted for so many charges that went right to the heart of whether or not our democracy would survive," Clinton claimed.

The report noted, "Maddow did not press Clinton on her previous statement that Trump was an 'illegitimate president' or her warning 2020 Democratic presidential candidates that 'you can have the election stolen from you,' suggesting that she experienced such a theft in 2016."

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