R. Kelly arrested on sex crime, obstruction charges

The famous singer R. Kelly is back where he belongs — in jail, a place that he may as well get used to.

On Thursday, Kelly was arrested as the result of a 13-count indictment by a federal grand jury, which included allegations of producing and receiving child pornography, of enticing a minor, and of obstructing justice. 

R. Kelly Booked

R. Kelly has been facing so much legal trouble as of late that it can be a bit difficult distinguishing one case from another. But this most recent arrest is the result of a federal investigation that is currently being run by the Northern District of Illinois.

It appears that members of Kelly’s inner circle, including both “enablers and ex-employees,” played a large role in the arrest. It is they who gave to authorities some 20 videos of the singer engaging in illegal activity with minors.

Why these individuals waited until right now to hand over this damning evidence is unclear. From the looks of things, they may have been pressured to do so by authorities conducting the investigation into Kelly.

But regardless, it is these individuals we have to thank for Kelly currently being behind bars. He is currently being held by federal authorities in Chicago.

Round 2

For those members of the audience who are old enough to remember back to 2008, Kelly has been here before.

Just like this new case, Kelly then was arrested as the result of a videotape which allegedly showed him having sex with a minor. Despite what would appear to most to be clearly illegal behavior, however, he was let off the hook, being acquitted by a jury.

An important difference this time around may be that this is a federal case rather than a state one, as it was 2008. This could make it more difficult for Kelly’s attorneys to create the conditions necessary to once again keep him out of prison.

Other legal troubles

This is not even the first time that Kelly was arrested this year — the other arrest took place in February.

For this case, Kelly began by facing 10 counts in Illinois of alleged abuse, once again, with minors. But then on May 30, 11 more counts were added.

Kelly has pleaded not-guilty throughout. But surely, as the evidence continues to grow such a plea is looking more and more absurd. It may be time for an address change!

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