Queen of England serves Sarah Sanders tea after American liberals refuse to serve her

After being refused service by liberal restaurant owners, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has turned the tables on her “haters.”

Just weeks from being kicked out of a restaurant, Sanders found herself being served tea by the Queen of England.

Tables Turned

Sanders was obviously more than a little thrilled over her experience.

Her Twitter feed was packed with photos of her trip traveling with Trump overseas.

The clear highlight, though, was sitting down with the Queen for a spot of tea.

It was quite a different experience than what had happened to Sanders a few weeks ago.

The Red Hen

While attempting to have dinner out with some family, Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant by the owner.

While the move was celebrated by liberals, conservative pundits ripped the restaurant owner.

Eventually, Sanders was given extra protection specifically because of Maxine Waters’ inflammatory comments, which were believed to be at the root of the harassment.

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Try as they might, liberals continue to lose these battles.

I am sure Sanders would trade a dinner at the Red Hen for tea with the Queen any day of the week

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