Putin voices ‘deep concern’ about Trump’s decision to withdraw from Iran deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin would appear to have been a little rattled by one of Trump’s recent decisions.

After President Trump ended the Iran nuclear deal, Putin expressed a “deep concern” over the fact Trump killed the deal.

Putin and Netanyahu

Putin’s thoughts about the President’s decision came about because Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in town for talks.

The two are hoping to discuss some of the recent escalations and come to some type of agreement to lessen those tensions in upcoming days.

While Putin is against Trump’s decision, Netanyahu fully supports Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement.

It is the first time in quite some time Israel has found itself with an uncompromising ally in the Oval Office, and Netanyahu seems to be loving every bit of it.

After his first meeting with Putin, Netanyahu made a rather aggressive statement about Israel.

The PM stated, “I presented Israel’s obligation and Israel’s right to defend itself from Iranian aggression from Syrian territory, against the state of Israel.”

Why Putin is Worried

The ending of the agreement is very significant for Russia.

With one nuclear reactor in Iran and several more in the works, Russia has a significant stake in that nuclear deal remaining in place.

While on the surface they are meant to look like nothing more than power plants, more than a few experts have surmised a more nefarious purpose for these plants.

In fact, Netanyahu had stated he had “proof” Iran was already developing nuclear weapons.

The ‘New’ Israel

Netanyahu has used his relationship with Trump to move the independence of his country forward.

Whereas Obama always seemed to side against Israel, Trump has made it quite clear the United States will stand by Israel no matter what.

With the big stick now on his side, Netanyahu stated (through a translator), “It’s hard to believe, but 73 years after the Holocaust, in our Middle East, there is a country, Iran, that openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

He added, “But, there is a difference between what was then and what is today: we have our own country.”

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Netanyahu not only has his own country, he can now readily defend it and know the power of the United States military will be behind him if need be.

And that, my fellow patriots, makes all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to Russia sticking its nose into Israel’s affairs with its enemies.

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