‘Putin tax’: Biden deflects responsibility for high food, gas prices

On Friday after new reports of record-high gas prices and new record inflation rates, President Joe Biden said in remarks to the press that all of it was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault, calling it a “Putin tax” on our economy.

“We’ve never seen anything like Putin’s tax on both food and gas,” Biden said, trying to deflect the blame from his own policies in causing the unprecedented mess.

“Putin tax”?

To be sure, Putin’s war on Ukraine has had some impact on oil prices as the U.S. has sought to punish the Russian regime by refusing to buy its oil, but let’s remind Biden of some of the things Putin did not do to the American economy:

–Putin did not spend $5 trillion on coronavirus relief and “infrastructure,” outside the normal $4 trillion budget.

–Putin did not shut off the Keystone XL oil pipeline when it was almost finished and ready to carry millions of barrels of oil into the U.S.

–Putin did not cancel oil drilling leases and put a freeze on new leases.

–Putin did not cause peanut fungus, avian flu, and several suspicious fires that killed millions of egg-producing chickens (and neither did Biden, as far as we know).

Biden to blame

While some world conditions are presenting challenges, Biden and Democrats bear enough of the blame for the current economic woes that it is laughable when Biden tries to duck responsibility and blame everything on a foreign leader half a world away.

Even if it were credible that all of this was Putin’s fault, the question could be asked: how did our own leaders–Democrats have nearly all the power right now–allow this to happen?

It seems that Biden has yet to understand that for better or worse, the buck always stops with him as the leader of the free world. This response to his “Putin tax” comment sums it up nicely:

If he won’t take responsibility now, he and his entire party will be assigned responsibility at the ballot box in November and in 2024.

Count on it.

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