Vladimir Putin says Trump is being impeached for ‘absolutely made-up reasons’

President Donald Trump and his supporters aren’t the only ones who believe House Democrats’ impeachment effort is little more than a contrived controversy.

In what is bound to add fuel to the liberal media’s still-simmering Trump–Russia collusion narrative, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out in President Trump’s defense during a lengthy press conference last week, saying that Trump is being impeached for “absolutely made-up reasons,” The Guardian reported.

Making it up as they go

In a four-hour marathon question-and-answer session on Dec. 19, Putin accused Democrats of using impeachment to change the results of the 2016 election “by other means.”

“The Democratic Party, which lost the elections, is achieving results through other means, by accusing Trump at first of conspiracy with Russia, then it turns out, there was no conspiracy at all,” Putin said.

He went on: “It then turned out that there was no collusion and it could not form the basis for an impeachment, and now there is this made-up pressure on Ukraine.”

Putin was referring to allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine to conduct politically beneficial investigations — including one into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter — on his behalf. Those allegations served as the basis for Democrats’ two articles of impeachment, the first of which alleges abuse of power, and the second of which alleges obstruction of Congress over Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.

When asked about the likelihood of President Trump being convicted and removed from office following a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, Putin expressed the same doubts shared by many Americans.

“I doubt they will want to remove their own party’s representative from power based on what I think are absolutely made-up reasons,” Putin said of Senate Republicans.

Putin is right, like it or not

Given the years-long delusion that some on the left have held concerning alleged ties between Presidents Trump and Putin, the Russian’s words in support of the American leader will likely only serve to rekindle that smoldering heap of debunked nonsense.

However, like him or not — and whether it helps or hurts Trump in the big scheme of things — Putin is correct in his assertions about Trump’s impeachment.

Democrats and the media could not defeat Trump in 2016, and it is looking increasingly like it will be incredibly difficult for them to defeat him in 2020.

Thus, Democrats and their media allies have pursued “other means” to oust Trump from office — namely, a wholly contrived and “absolutely made-up” impeachment based on shaky allegations. The only question now is who will win: Democrats, or the American people?

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