Putin loses honorary black belt as sports organizations continue to cut Russia off

Vladimir Putin has had his Black Belt revoked by World Taekwondo on Monday in the latest attack on the Russian President following the invasion of Ukraine.

The martial arts organization issued a statement saying, “World Taekwondo strongly condemns the brutal attacks on innocent lives in Ukraine, which go against the World Taekwondo vision of ‘Peace is More Precious than Triumph’ and the World Taekwondo values of respect and tolerance. [W]orld Taekwondo’s thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and we hope for a peaceful and immediate end to this war.”

The organization gave Putin his honorary black belt back in 2013 and revoking it is the latest disgrace that Putin has endured as the international community has come together to universally condemn his actions.

Isolating Putin

World Taekwondo is joining other sports organizations that have made moves to isolate Russia and put pressure on Putin to end hostilities.

World Taekwondo is working with the International Olympic Committee to ensure that no Russian or Belarusian national flags or anthems will be displayed or played at the organization’s worldwide events, and no events will be held in either of those two countries.

Vladimir Putin has also had his status as an ambassador for the International Judo Federation revoked following the invasion of Ukraine.

Isolating Russia and cutting their national teams from participating in international competitions could push the Russian people to demand a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine.

With Russian forces surrounding Kyiv, the international community is doing everything in its power to put any kind of pressure on Russia. However, it is looking like these months aren’t going to stop Putin from taking Ukraine.

The world can’t stop Putin

Vladimir Putin crossed the point of no return when he invaded Ukraine, and he did that precisely because he knew he could.

Russia is already relatively isolated from the rest of the world, minus a strong alliance with China. China and Russia have created a bilateral union that allows them to move against the international community.

Worse yet, thanks to President Biden’s green energy agenda, Russia’s share of the oil and gas market is massive and Europe specifically relies on Russian energy.

Oil and gas make up the lion’s share of the Russian economy, and until Joe Biden and the EU sanctions Russia’s energy industry, there is little hope for Ukraine. No amount of revoked black belts will stop Putin as long as the oil continues to flow to Europe.

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